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Why Our Clients Love Us!


1. We will have our reports emailed to you before 11pm the same day the inspection is done. 


2. Our inspectors have many decades of practical and hands on experience in the field.


3. We have an office staff to pick up calls and set appointments 60 hours a week.

4. We inspect in 8 counties in the Hudson Valley.

5. We are the highest rated company in the Hudson Valley.


6. We participate in Homes For Heroes which we give 10% off to all members of the military, teachers, doctors, EMTs. police, fire fighters, nurses and veterans. We our proud to honor the service men and women in our community.

7. We offer WDO (pest) inspection, radon gas testing, radon in water testing, septic dye testing, as well as numerous well water tests.

8. We have very competitive pricing.

9. We really love our clients and helping them with their home purchase!

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