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Ninety-five percent of the time your mortgage lender will require that a wood destroying insect infestation inspection are completed on the property you wish to purchase prior to settlement.  This will insure that it does not have an active infestation or major structural damage from wood destroying insects.  The following insects are classified as wood destroying insects:  Termites, Wood Boring Beetles, and Wood-Attacking Ants. 


Homebuyers generally overreact after discovering any of the wood destroying insect’s presence and on occasion lose interest in the house.  Actually, the discovery of an infestation should not be cause for alarm.  Concern maybe, but alarm absolutely not.  85% of infestations are either inactive or have already been treated in the past to rectify the problem. There have been many half-truths spread throughout our community about the destructibility of wood destroying insects.  Most of these half-truths have been brought about by the very same industry that treats them.  Between the pest control business and the chemical industry well over 3 billion dollars a year is spent by consumers because of fear tactics brought by this industry.  Collier Home Inspection is not implying that chemical treatment is not necessary, however, we are saying that if more consumers were educated about wood destroying insects that 40% of the homes would not need to be chemically treated.  That is why we feel it’s important to have a wood destroying insect inspection done by an impartial company that does not perform insect treatments to earn their money. 

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