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Why Our Realtors Love Us!

Collier Home Inspection was formed by 2 experienced realtors so we are sensitive to the role a realtor plays in every home buying transaction. By adding us to your team and referring us time and time again we will ensure your business and efficiency grows and your deals do not die! Let met explain how and why.


1. While we are very sensitive to the needs of you the real estate professional we work for your client first and foremost and will provide them a high quality inspection each and every time. 


2. We NEVER NEVER NEVER look to kill deals or go out our way to make a buyer feel uncomfortable with a home. (We know not every house is perfect and we let them know that with a very calm and positive demeanor)


3. We get both you and your client the report the same day (Time is money in real estate and we don't want to waste yours waiting on a report). We also get to inspections early to get a jump start on the exterior. (We know going to inspections is sometimes not the best use of your time so we make it as efficient as possible for you)


4. We have multiple well trained inspectors that have multiple openings both during weekdays and weekends to ensure your client always gets a day that is convenient for them as well as you. We also cover a large geographical location. Westchester Rockland Putnam, Orange, Ulster, Greene and Columbia Counties. 


5. We use all the latest technology to ensure both you and your client can book the inspection easily (Inspection Calendar on our home page), pay for the inspection easily (online with an CC) and view the inspection easily (Both via cloud and PDF)


6. We have a fully trained and staffed office that will answer your phone calls 7 days a week and route them to the person you are looking to reach.


7. We are the HIGHEST consumer rated inspection company in the entire Hudson Valley. We didn't get this awesome reputation by accident.  You can check out our reviews Here 


8. We want YOU to succeed because if your business grows and succeeds that means we also grow and succeed. 

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